Animals Works is partnered with Veterinary Care Foundation

Help us save and improve lives!

At Animal Works our goal is to unite the art and the science of surgery and to provide that service to as many people as possible. One facet of achieving that goal is offering you affordable care. Still, we understand that some pet owners experience financial difficulties and even affordable care can be a challenge. This can lead to delayed or missed care for animals that desperately need it. We’re asking for your help in tackling this challenge!

Animal Works Veterinary Surgery is proud to offer a charitable fund to allow you to “pay it forward” in providing life saving treatments. We will use the fund to offer grants to pet owners experiencing financial crisis, Good Samaritan cases, or other local animal care charities. These grants are intended to provide life saving treatments for animals that wouldn’t receive adequate care otherwise.

How it works …

Animals Works has partnered with Veterinary Care Foundation, a 501(c)(3) no profit to offer you this opportunity. 100% of every donation comes directly to Animal Works for grants to pet owners in need. The Foundation never uses donations for salaries, administration or fundraising. These donations are tax deductible and you will be provided proper tax documentation.

We offer this opportunity to help Animal Works achieve its mission to those of you who have received affordable care and want to pay it forward or those who simply want to help needy animals in our community. If you are able to give and want to be certain your aid directly helps pets in need, donate now by clicking the links below or by calling us directly at 970-694-2625.

It is our mission to provide the best possible care to each pet in our community, thank you for believing in that mission and allowing us to extend that care to as many pets as possible!


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