2023 is here, and most of us are thinking about what New Year’s resolutions we want to make for this upcoming year. But how about making some changes to benefit our furry friends? Here are three resolutions to keep your pets safe and healthy this year!

  1. Get your pet spayed or neutered

Whether a new puppy or an older cat, spaying or neutering your pet helps keep them healthy and prevents unwanted pregnancies at any age.

Spaying can prevent life-threatening health issues such as mammary (breast) cancer, uterine cancer, or pyometra.

Neutering can help treat behavioral issues such as spraying in cats or behavioral aggression and can also help prevent testicular cancer.

  1. Focus on dental health

Tartar and gingivitis are not the only problems caused by bad teeth. Dental disease in pets can lead to painful abscesses and systemic infections affecting your pet’s body. Daily brushing with pet toothpaste, dental chews, and prescription dental diets are all ways that you can help keep your pet’s teeth healthy year-round.

  1. Feed healthy treats

Treating our furry friends to a yummy treat is always the highlight of their day, but this year let’s trade out those high-fat treats for some healthy treats. Green beans, bananas, and carrots are great treats (in moderation) for both cats and dogs.

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