Euthanasia Services

We’re here to help your pet every step of the way.

You have had an amazing journey and relationship with your pet, and we would be honored to assist you when it’s time to say goodbye.

We strive to make euthanasia peaceful, painless, and memorable. Your pet will receive a sedative prior to euthanasia that will allow them to relax and slip into a state of unconsciousness. They will not experience awareness of the end of life; the process is akin to undergoing general anesthesia for a surgical procedure. We are here to help you through this. Please feel free to call or contact us for more information.

Private Cremation
This provides a wonderful way to keep your pet’s remains as a permanent and personal keepsake. You will receive only the remains of your pet in a hand-carved rosewood urn.
Communal Cremation
Your pet will be cremated with other pets. Because no cremated remains are returned to you with this option, you may consider a personalized memorial paw print as a timeless remembrance.
Paw Print

​A great unique memorial keepsake, personalized, custom-made clay print from your beloved pet’s paw.

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