Soft Tissue Surgery


What We Offer

Soft tissue surgery encompasses a wide variety of procedures and is mostly associated with surgeries that are non-joint or bone-related. The most common soft tissue surgeries for animals are spay and neuter procedures, hernia repairs, and mass removals. More advanced soft tissue surgeries include abdominal exploratory, cystotomy, and splenectomy. At Animal Works our veterinarians have experience performing several soft tissue surgeries. Some of our surgeries do not require a referral or previous diagnosis from a primary vet, just give us a call to make an appointment. Our soft tissue surgeries include:

Abscess Repair
Anal Sacculectomy
Cherry Eye Repair (referral not required)
Ear Hematoma (referral not required)
Entropion & Ectropion Repair
Epulis Removal (dental procedure required)
Exploratory Surgery
Gastropexy (referral not required)
Hernia Repairs
Laceration/Wound Repair (referral not required)
Mass/Tumor Removal
Perineal Urethrostomy
Spay and Neuters (referral not required)
Vaginal Prolapse
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