Orthopedic Surgery


What We Offer

Orthopedic surgery is a broad term for the surgical repair of bones or joints. If your pet is limping or recently diagnosed with needing orthopedic surgery to help restore mobility, feel free to give us a call. A referral from your primary veterinarian is recommended but NOT required for orthopedic consults. In general, the goal of orthopedic surgical procedures is to bring your pet’s limb back to a normal or near-normal state. At Animal Works we are committed to doing everything possible to prepare you and make the procedure a smoother experience for both you and your pet.

Please note: We require bloodwork for all orthopedic procedures.

We offer the following orthopedic surgeries:

Anterior Cruciate or Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair (we offer Extracapsular Suture Repair and the Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP)
Femoral Head and Neck Excision or Femur Head Ostectomy
Fracture or Broken Bone Repair
Patella Luxation Repair
Tibial Tubercle Transfer
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