National Dog Day

Do you know what the best holiday is? Is it Christmas? Is it Halloween or the 4th of July? Is it any holiday you get the day off from work? Although those are all acceptable answers, your canine companion is eagerly waiting for, even if they don’t know it yet, National Dog Day on August 26th! Take the day to celebrate and cherish your beloved pet friend for all the years of love and loyalty they’ve given you and your family. Want to make the day special for your pup? Here are 5 ways you can celebrate National Dog Day with your friend.


1. Have a big blowout party for your dog! We’ve all seen them before; the doggy bone-shaped cake, the tiny pooch party hats, the almost endless treat bar. Invite your friends and family to bring over their furry pals for a night of socializing, playtime, and pooch appreciation.


2. Shower your dog with some new toys. If your dog is particularly playful, it couldn’t hurt to bring a host of new safe chew toys for them to get their paws on. Anything from tug toys to treat dispensers, your pet will surely love introducing their fresh toys into their daily playtime regimen.


3. Gift dog-related items to your family or friends. If you don’t have a dog of your own but still want to partake in the holiday, think about sending a special gift to friends or family members you know who have dogs of their own. Not only will their pets appreciate their new gift, whether a new toy or a set of gourmet treats, but their owners will also appreciate the kind gesture!


4. Treat your pet to a doggy spa day. What’s more relaxing than a day of pampering and rejuvenation? Refresh your canine friend’s spirits by taking them to your local doggy daycare or veterinarian that offers spa services. From soothing spa baths to teeth brushing and nail trims, help your dog achieve a lively new glow and have them strutting their stuff around the neighborhood squeaky-clean and feeling fresh.


5. Donate items and supplies to your local shelter. As much as we want to see all dogs happy and in loving homes, some aren’t as fortunate, sadly. Especially with tight budgets and potentially high costs for toys and gourmet treats, some shelters might not have the luxury of treating their dogs this holiday. Although it may not seem like much, the slightest display of kindness could make a difference for those still searching for a welcoming home.


Make this coming National Dog Day a special one for man’s best friend. Whether they’re a part of your family, your friend’s family, or one still searching for a home, show these furry friends that you care about them. Do you want to buy local, from the convenience of your home, and not pay more than Chewy or Amazon? Click here to support Animal Works low-cost surgeries and treat your pet to toys and snacks. If you have any questions about where to donate or want to know more ways you can treat your pet, give us a call.

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