Study finds vets (like ours) that have practiced in high quality, high volume spay and neuter clinics for cats and dogs have consistently lower complication rates than low volume clinics.  They are even approaching, and in some cases at the very low level of problems seen in human hospitals.  This may be surprising at first, with common sense seeming to say spending more time on a patient should give better care.

Looking into it further though, you see the vets in these clinics having done thousands of surgeries, and many times doing them back to back for several hours.  This is the definition of practice.  Repeating the same thing with increasing efficiency each time.  It also gives a huge base of experience for what is normal, and that helps spot problems early on preventing them from turning into serious complications.  All of this makes these vets some of the best at doing what they do.

We are proud to share this insight and even more proud to count our vets in this specialized group.  If you need to have a special pet fixed and are looking for someone with tons of experience, give us a call.

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