Four Reasons Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pet: Why You Definitely Should Vaccinate Your Pets


For most humans, the vaccination process has become almost second nature. Vaccines work both as a preventative measure against most illnesses and catalysts for achieving peace of mind through adolescence and adulthood. We owe it to our furry companions to provide them the same safety and preventative care by getting them vaccinated as soon as possible. Our team at Animal Works Veterinary Surgery has put together a list of reasons why you definitely SHOULD have your pet vaccinated.


  1. Vaccines help prevent potentially fatal diseases. 
    • Vaccines work as a preventative measure against many serious and sometimes fatal diseases like Rabies, Parvovirus, and Feline Leukemia. The process of vaccination can be met with apprehension, but rest assured knowing serious reactions are rare, and you are helping to keep your pet healthy by avoiding common and serious infections.
  2. Vaccines are not only good for your pet, they’re good for your health too!
    • Not only do pet vaccinations safeguard your pet against illnesses or diseases,but it also prevents the spread of certain diseases (like leptospirosis) or viruses(like rabies) to humans. Rabies can be easily transferred to humans through saliva in the form of bites and can cause symptoms such as paralysis or death.
  3. Socialization 
    • Puppies and kittens need to explore the world and make lots of friends to grow into their best selves as adults. The best way to keep them safe during this exposure period is keeping up to date on all their early vaccines. Additionally, most boarding facilities and daycares require these vaccines for their guests.
  4. It’s the law 
    • Colorado requires all cats and dogs over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies. We base the rest of our recommended vaccines on your pet’s risk status and your local case rate.


Vaccinations can help keep your furry friends happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. Contact us here to schedule your visit today!

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