December is National Cat Lover’s Month. Nothing is better than welcoming a new fuzzy friend into your life for many fun-filled years; so what can you do to welcome a new feline into your house?

Settling in
New environments can be stressful for cats, so it’s important to create a calming safe environment. Provide your new cat with a safe room with food, water, a litter box, and a scratching post. Spend some quiet time with them, and let them get comfortable in their new home.

Toys and Fun
Cats love to play and need plenty of enrichment. Learn what kind of toys your new friend enjoys such as wands, puzzle toys, or laser pointers. Also, give them plenty of vertical space such as cat trees or wall perches.

Finally, get established with a primary care veterinarian. Cats can be good at hiding symptoms if they feel ill. It’s important to keep a good eye on their behavior and if anything seems wrong contact your vet to ensure their health and when it is time for a spay, neuter or dental for your new friend be sure to keep us here at Animal Works in mind. 🙂

As a new cat owner myself I know there is nothing like bringing a new cat home, but it’s important to be prepared for your new friend to keep them happy and healthy!

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