August 26 is National Dog Day! Nothing is better than welcoming a new fuzzy friend into your life for many fun-filled years; so what can you do to welcome a new dog into your house?

Establish a Routine
Dogs thrive on a routine and consistency, so it’s important to set rules and a time schedule for your new pup. Disorganization can cause stress for your new friend. So make sure there are times set for food, potty breaks, playtime, training, and sleep.

Food, Toys, and Exercise
Not all dogs are the same and require different things for their mental and physical health. Ensure that you are feeding high-quality food that your primary veterinarian recommends. Make sure that the toys and enrichment items are of the right size and energy level for your dog as something too small could create a choking hazard.

Ensure that your pet is safe when they come home. Make sure you have a well-fitting collar with a tag that has your name and information. If your new friend comes with a microchip be sure to register the microchip with your information. If your dog does not have a microchip, give us a call and we’d be happy to set an appointment for that! And finally, get your new pet established with a primary care veterinarian to help keep your pet healthy and when it is time for a spay or neuter be sure to keep us here at Animal Works in mind 🙂

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