Student Liability Waiver


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Animal Works Veterinary Surgery Veterinary Student Liability Waiver, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement

Animal Works cares about providing opportunities for veterinary students to gain the hands-on surgical experience necessary to become practice ready for their future. The rescue above has agreed to allow students under Animal Works supervision to perform surgery on animals under the rescue’s care. The students will be accompanied by and under direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian during each procedure. I certify that I am, in fact, the authorized agent for the Rescue Group named above. I grant the veterinarians and staff of Animal Works Veterinary Surgery my consent to and authorization for procedures to be performed with veterinary students for any pet (unless specifically noted) my organization brings to Animal Works Veterinary Surgery whether at 1002 W. Drake Ft. Collins location or mobile.

Assumption of Risks: Although every effort is made to train and supervise veterinary students, there are inherent, unavoidable, assumed risks with any surgical procedure, and results cannot be guaranteed. I understand the risks involved and I am encouraged to discuss any concerns I have about the risks with the management at Animal Works Veterinary Surgery before procedure(s) are performed.

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